Tag: Design

  • ktschmid.de


    Website with the customized Meerkats CMS, including UX/UI design, for the architect Karl T. Schmid.

  • WüSpace Design & Websites

    WüSpace Design & Websites

    As a member of WüSpace e. V., I worked on quite a few design and web projects for the organization over the years. Note that as a member, I worked on these in my spare time voluntarily. I actually joined WüSpace in 2020 to help out with managing the website and to establish CI/branding guidelines.…

  • fahrschule-reichel.de


    Website with the customized Meerkats CMS and dynamic, adjustable functions like a pricing calculator, UX/UI Design, Photography, and Consulting on online marketing for the driving school “Fahrschule Reichel” in Würzburg.

  • stueckvomgluecktextilkunst.de


    CI Design, Photography, Website using the customized Meerkats CMS, and Social Media Marketing for Stück vom Glück Textilkunst.