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Diversity isn’t easy to approach or get right. There are a bunch of terms, concepts, and intersections between all of these. But whether we call it D&I, DEI, diversity consulting, anti-discrimination, or some other variation of the same core topic, the steps to improving remain the same:

  1. Awareness: When not facing it yourself, it can be difficult to even realize the problems marginalized groups might face.
  2. Acceptance: Many misconceptions and overall damaging images exist about marginalized groups, often created by less-than-flattering portrayals in the media. To create change, we need to confront these misconceptions through open communication. In my workshops, I make sure to answer any questions, even the ones fueled by the most hateful of stereotypes, as long as they’re asked in good faith.
  3. Active Actions: Acceptance alone isn’t enough. Unconscious biases, prioritization of business value, and many more factors lead to an unequal playing field in even the most accepting places. I will help you find strategies to work against that and establish measures to make sure the acceptance is also reflected in your actions.

I am a strong proponent of the “nothing about us without us” approach. This means that I only give specialized workshops on diversity topics I have lived experiences with, those being trans identity / LGBTQIA+ and autism / neurodiversity. This doesn’t mean that I won’t cover other topics in more general workshops/consulting sessions. However, I’m not able and won’t try to speak on behalf of marginalized groups I’m not a part of.

Whether you want to host a workshop for your organization, consultation on how to implement a better diversity strategy, or personal coaching:

Note that I have a limited capacity for free non-profit workshops, depending on current capacities and individual projects.

Diversity Consulting and Workshops

Get to know some of the projects I’ve worked on and see if anything sparks your interest. Depending on the project, I can even provide workshops demonstrating how a particular project was created.

Still working on adding some of my projects here 😊

Offering services, workshops, and more

For each of the three areas – software, media, and diversity – I offer a variety of services, ranging from workshops to custom software development.


Whether it’s building custom software tailored to your requirements, websites, apps, or something else along these lines: If you need somebody just to get the job done, I’ll be more than happy to work with you on the Services front.


I don’t just want to do the work for you, but also help you to do it yourself. That’s why I offer workshops on various topics, including diversity, software development, and more.


If you’re not sure what you need, or how to get there, I’m happy to help you figure it out. I offer consulting services for all of my areas of expertise, and will be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.