Document Chat for Adobe XD

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Document Chat is the privacy-first chatting solution for collaborative work on XD documents. Ideally used with XD’s “Live Coediting” feature.

By saving all the data (like chat messages) in the document itself (instead of external servers), we never send the messages to our own servers. Actually, if you don’t explicitly opt into features enhancing your experience (like showing profile pictures from Gravatar), the plugin itself doesn’t perform any network requests whatsoever.

Even better: You don’t have to save any personal data. While a name might be nice for your coworkers (to recognize you), you can just as well use an invented name. Also, providing an email address for your profile picture (from Gravatar) is entirely optional. As the data never reaches our servers anyways, it doesn’t matter to us 😉

Combined with a few unique features (like jumping to the viewport location of a message), this free and open-source plugin becomes a great choice for quick communication inside XD.

Please note that this plugin is still in a prerelease (public beta) stage, meaning there are still some rough edges here and there, and not every feature is fully implemented yet. If you find any issues or have ideas for improvements, please don’t hesitate to contact me to shape the final plugin to be the best it can be.

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