Employment: Adobe 2021-2023 (Developer Advocate / Working Student)

For two years, I worked at Adobe next to my university studies (20 hours per week) as a Developer Advocate as a part of the Developer Experience team in the broader Creative Cloud Platform and Ecosystem team.

Zuri sitting in front of a Macbook and an iPad, managing the activities on the virtual event stage, having a full timtable in front of them.
Zuri doing the virtual stage management at the Creative Cloud Digital Partner Days 2023 from the Adobe office in Munich, Germany

During my time at Adobe, I got to wear many hats, broadening my experiences in numerous areas.

Involvement in projects at Adobe

While some of the projects I was a part of are under NDA, here are some of the things I did during my time at Adobe:

  • Shape and redefine best practices around the information architecture and technical writing of developer documentation for JavaScript-based extensibility APIs, for example on The Adobe InDesign UXP Plugin documentation.
  • Collaborate on creating a best-in-class developer experience across
  • Establishing a monthly “Office Hours” format together with Amanda Huang – a virtual event for plugin developers to ask questions.
  • Establish YouTube / Video content as a pillar of communication for developer relations in the Creative Cloud
  • Research usage strategies for AI/LLMs in the field of developer relations during its early days.
  • Technical / Stage Direction during the yearly “Creative Cloud Developer Partner Days”, a virtual event with > 50 speakers and > 500 participants.
  • Generally serving as the voice of third-party plugin and integration developers within Adobe.
  • Gaining new experiences in the field of diversity management and advocacy as an active member in the “Pride” and “Access” employee networks.

While it is unusual for a working student role to be as involved, it should be noted that when starting at Adobe, I had already been working professionally in the field for more than 5 years. I was an active plugin developer and an active member of the developer community. Thus, the “working student” role was primarily defining the number of hours I worked per week and didn’t limit the scope of my work.